Lent, Tuesday of Holy Week – Is 49:1-6 Ps 71: 1-4a,5-6ab,15,17 John 13:21-33,36-38

What do you do when you hear the worsening news of attacks and killings of civilians, starvation and a lack of medical aid, the escalating aggression and destruction of cities, and the reports of individual tragedies? On the one hand you want to understand the words better, on the other there is the fear of knowing the full truth behind the words. Not many people have the courage of the Beloved Disciple to ask Jesus so directly about the truth. And such courage is found in love and in trusting Him.

But sometimes that courage alone is not enough for a person to accept a hard truth and to know what to do. Like the disciples when they learned the horrifying news of Judas’ betrayal, or like Peter who heard about his own denial of the Master; and they did nothing to prevent it. Not one disciple restrained Judas, and Peter didn’t ask how he could avoid denying Him.

We can’t be content with knowledge of our own weakness, or sinfulness. We can’t admit that there’s nothing to be done and fatalistically consent to weakness, sin, and evil. Every one of us through sin denies Jesus and betrays Him. Everyone of us has a part to play in protecting others from evil and refusing to succumb to the temptation to play down the truth.

Jesus answered the unspoken question of Peter later in the garden, when He pointed out to the disciples that they were sleeping instead of praying. Jesus points out that prayer is the only way for a sincere and intense conversation with the Father to fortify and give the strength to carry the cross and to rise from each fall.

Lord Jesus Christ, every time I choose the darkness of ignorance, pour into my heart longing for the light, so that, touched by Your love, I will not let the darkness of this world enter my soul. You live and reign for ever and ever. Amen.