Lent, Monday of Holy Week – Is 42:1-7; Ps 27: 1-3.13-14; John 12:1-11

Here is my servant whom I uphold, my chosen one in whom my soul delights.

Jesus, for the last time, visits His friends. For the last time sits with them at table. Only He is aware of the meaning of the gesture by Mary of anointing His feet. He knows that this anticipates the rendering of honour to His body. The celebration of a Friend who will shortly say goodbye to earthly life.

Mary anointing Jesus with expensive oil, not only an honouring of her Friend, but an offering of something valuable. In this way she expresses her love and faith. She chose the better part, unlike Judas. The one who focussed on mammon, while pretending to care for the poor.

From Bethany, Jesus set out for Jerusalem. He sets out there to give His life for me. Do I stand on His side, or follow the footsteps of the traitor? Do I, like Mary, offer what is most valuable? Or, like Judas, focus on my own matters and interests under the pretext of faith in Him?