Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Easter Tuesday – Acts 2:36-41; Ps 33; John 20:11-18


I want to renew my baptism today. I believe in you, Christ. Amen.

“Repent,” “save yourselves from this perverse generation.” This is the advice that Peter gives to those Jews who want to gain forgiveness of sins and, consequently, one day be resurrected and have eternal life. We hear it today in the first reading. Significant. It is not that we are saved automatically; that the very fact that Jesus died for everyone means that everyone will benefit from His suffering and death. Yes, everyone CAN benefit from this benefit. But to benefit, they must abandon their current lifestyle, their previous religiosity, their worldview and accept Jesus first and foremost. This applied both to the Jews of the apostolic times and to people of the 21st century.

And I don’t think we even need such great love for Jesus as we see in the Gospel of that day in Mary Magdalene, to whom Jesus appears after his resurrection. But we must clearly stand for Him. Believe in Him, choose Him. And follow the path He indicates as consistently as possible.

No. It’s not about running with the hare and hunting with the hounds or holding a candle for God and a candle stub for the devil. The candle end held for the devil and all other deities that today’s people are inclined to worship (including themselves) must be blown out completely.

Jesus, apart from You there is no salvation. Thank you for giving me the grace of saving faith. I know that sometimes I’m just a poor disciple of Yours. But I also know that no one else can give me eternal life. Therefore, I confess with the apostles: To whom else should I go? You have the words of eternal life . . .