Second Thursday of Easter – Acts 5:27-33; John 3:31-36

He who comes from above is above all others;

he who is born of the earth is earthly himself

and speaks in an earthly way.

Only sometimes do I realise that Jesus is with me, that He accompanies me in every moment of the day. I don’t direct to Him my thoughts throughout my everyday duties – at least not as much as I should do – nor when I meet some difficulty: like understanding why in Scotland 16,584 pregnancies were intentionally terminated in 2022. And in my everyday responsibilities and activities I neglect to experience communion with Him. I fail to detect in them God’s message, and so I can’t use them as I should to build up that mutual relationship with Him. Even so, God called me into existence in order to sometime have a share in His life. I live here on earth so that sometime I will live with Him eternally in heaven.

Isn’t it the case that I trust and believe Jesus in a half-hearted way? On the one hand I pray, I turn to the sacraments, and on the other hand in earthly matters I rely only on myself. When a time of trial and adversity befalls us, so we have to say on which hand we are depending, then we will discover how much we really are in communion with God and just how much He wants to be.

Lord Jesus Christ, let Your Holy Spirit fill me and transform my heart and mind that I may choose life – abundant life in You and with You: communion with You. And give me the grace to always know that You accompany me in every moment, so that I can have the courage and strength to always discern good from evil and to reject everything that is false and contrary to Your holy will. Amen.