Third Tuesday of Eastertide – Acts 7:51-8:1; John 6:30-35

Simplifying things, you can say that there are two reasons that a person will not long for something. First, that his desire has been satisfied. Second: because he stopped longing – doesn’t have the strength anymore / doesn’t see any way to satisfy it / doesn’t see his own need. The reason for its disappearance can be varied.

Jesus promises to satisfy human hunger with bread from heaven, His own self. However, what if we don’t search for this food? What if it constantly seems that it is enough to rely our own resourcefulness, or to tick off the box on the prayer list, or that we live under the delusion that God, in specific and intricate matters of our lives, is not competent enough?

Mild and humble Jesus, teach our hearts also to be humble and more like Your Heart, that our spiritual communion with You come from the longing of our hearts to be in Yours.