Third Thursday of Eastertide – Acts 8:26-40; Ps 65:8-9,16-17,20; John 6:44-51

He chose an ungrateful role for himself. Because rarely does anyone like teachers. Especially if demanding. Even worse if using traditional methods. Demanding from the disciple not so much understanding but the assimilation of the material. He’s extremely good at this. The longer He teaches, the less you can understand. Even though He gave a mind to understand, is such teaching meant to be appealing?!

You will not see. You won’t touch. You don’t understand. Still, hear and learn. The first is not a problem. Although He never speaks in His own voice. You can get used to it. But how to learn, for example, about the Bread?

If anyone eats . . .

If they don’t eat it, they’ll be a poor disciple to the end. And the Teacher will be blamed for it all.